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New Year's Eve Shorts<br />(Shorts Series Book 3)

New Year's Eve Shorts
(Shorts Series Book 3)

Released On: December 24, 2020

Contains 10 Books Including:

"Buck's Fizz"

Ring in the new year with a fantastic collection of TEN short stories from the Author's Billboard.

NEW YEAR'S EVE SHORTS includes nine NEW romances guaranteed to lift your spirits with tales of second-chances, adventure, overcoming obstacles, celebrating the holidays, and finding love in unimaginable places. Whether our couples are in a barn, a bar, by the ocean, or in quaint Irish towns, join them as they celebrate love and New Year's Eve with this box set meant to be enjoyed year-round.

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Mimi Barbour - “You’re the Boss” (NEW): Once again, she's a wallflower at the company dance, a role she plays well.

Susanne Matthews - “Buck's Fizz” (NEW): You can run away from some things, but you can’t hide from yourself.

Stacy Eaton - “Finding Love with a Champagne Toast” (NEW): When the week is over, will they go their separate ways after sharing a champagne toast?

Rebecca York - “Out of Time” (NEW): Can love bridge time?

Nancy Radke - “Changing Horses” (NEW): When the love of his life shows up wearing a ring that isn't his, the young rancher has to look again for a woman he wants to marry.

Rachelle Ayala - “Happy Goose Year” (NEW): Will Pete's idea of rekindling his romance with a cooked goose backfire before the countdown drops to zero?

Taylor Lee - “Judge: The Justice Brothers Series”: Only the indomitable Judge would propose that his four grandsons and their women participate in an outrageous adventure: a four-couple New Year's Eve wedding.

Susan Jean Ricci - “Tumbling into Midnight” (NEW): When a stunt double's sweet on her leading man, remaining casual is almost impossible - until a near-fatal accident reveals many secrets.

Callie Bardot - “Rescuing Ebony Blue” (NEW): Finding a guy in your barn the day before New Year's Eve with no ID, dressed in prison orange, should be no big deal, right?

Josie Riviera - “A Chocolate-Box Irish Wedding” (NEW): A woman who wanted more. A man who wanted her. Can they find love in the seaside town where it all began?

Unforgettable Christmas Joy:<br />Hope and Promises

Unforgettable Christmas Joy:
Hope and Promises

Released On: November 20, 2020

Contains 9 Books Including:

"His Christmas Family"

Dreams CAN come true at Christmas.

Join these heroes and heroines in their search for love and joy at this special time of year. Whether it's in the wilds of Alaska under the Northern Lights, in towns, offices, or hospitals across the land, or on cruise ships under tropical skies, the magic of Christmas will make this the most wonderful time of the year.

Nine New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors have crafted stories of love and joy, ranging from sweet to spicy, the perfect box set to read with your favorite holiday beverage. So, whether your Christmas means snow, sand, or something in between, you're sure to enjoy the romance and joy found in the pages of Unforgettable Christmas Joy: Hope and Promises.

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Mimi Barbour - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Sweet Christmas”: Will she destroy her first real Christmas because she's never been in love or experienced that holiday before?

Natalie Ann - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Christmas Love”: What happens when even the strongest are blinded by insecurities?

Susanne Matthews - (International Bestselling Author) “His Christmas Family”: Can Christmas magic bring two broken souls together and fill six lives with joy?

Leanne Banks - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Scrooge Falls In Love”: Millionaire Stock Jock Justin Langdon experiences Scrooge-like dreams that make him re-think his independent lifestyle after new adoptive mom Amy Monroe saves his life.

Traci Hall - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Holiday By The Sea”: Opposites attract. Can they find a way to make the most unlikely of relationships work?

Patrice Wilton - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “A Heavenly Christmas”: Can the magic of love mend a young woman's heart?

Jen Talty - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Alaskan Christmas”: He was the second date that should have lasted a lifetime.

Mona Risk - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Honeymoon Cruise”: The perfect fiance is a cheater and the fabulous Christmas wedding is off. But the would-be honeymoon cruise may fulfill the dreams of Julia and her unexpected companion.

Suzanne Jenkins - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Bittersweets Christmas - Arvin and Tina”: What does a Jewish neurologist and a Muslim ER physician have in common? LOVE! And how will they celebrate Christmas? All romance, all the time.

Dear Santa:<br />A Christmas Wish

Dear Santa:
A Christmas Wish

Released On: October 27, 2020

Contains 18 Books Including:

"What Dottie Wants"

The Authors' Billboard's 2020 fabulous Christmas Box Collection, DEAR SANTA, is filled with 18 brand new stories about characters who have special wishes to ask the big guy during this season.

Most of us have had experiences when something we've desperately wanted is so close that Santa seems the perfect person to ask for the miracle.

When one believes, it's amazing the conflicts that are overcome and the surprises that can follow.

You'll be amazed by each of these fantastic holiday books full of Christmas cheer and thrilling romance we've written for your entertainment.

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Mimi Barbour - “Alone at Christmas”: Being alone is Tara's worst nightmare, especially during the holidays. Her wish comes true when she finds Mr. Right injured and stranded, but will they survive the dangerous storm?

Rebecca York - “Christmas Miracle 1935”: Can he trust her enough to help free her father from jail?

Patricia Rosemoor - “Marrying Molly”: Dear Santa,
Please let me meet a McKenna man who will help me end Sheelin O'Keefe's horrible curse on both our families.
Molly Kavanaugh

Susanne Matthews - “What Dottie Wants”: All Ronnie wants is to give Dottie a great Christmas, but not being able to find the doll she wants may make that impossible.

Traci Hall - “Christmas Kiss”: Can a teenage crush become forever love?

Angela Stevens - “Dear Sinterklaas”: Dan had his heart stolen by a girl on summer vacation, now it's Christmas time, and with a little bit of magic from Sinterklaas, he hopes to make his Christmas wish come true.

Melinda Colt - “Saving Maddie”: The only reason demons exist is because angels do, too.

Stacy Eaton - “Finding Love with Dear Santa”: All Faith wants is to get her life back on track.

Stephanie Queen - “He Has Santa”: A second chance hockey romance.

Josie Riviera - “A Chocolate Box Christmas Wish”: He's been all over the world. She's a home-town girl. Can a holiday wish bridge the gap?

Aileen Fish - “Father Christmas”: Is there really a Santa Claus?

Rachelle Ayala - “Toy Soldier Christmas”: Can a toy soldier make her wish come true?

Dani Haviland - “A Plate of Christmas Cookies”: Is it too much to ask for a second miracle?

Taylor Lee - “Please Christmas: Be Done”: When his 7 year old son ran away looking for Santa... and all his teenage daughter wants for Christmas is for it to be done....the district attorney concedes not only did he lose his wife to cancer, but he was in danger of losing his children.

Susan Jean Ricci - “Cruising for Mr. Right”: Can a widow discover second chance romance aboard a Christmas cruise and make the right choice between two adoring men?

Alyssa Bailey - “Christmas Wishes and You”: Beth's Christmas Wish of a Second Chance at Love could happen if only she would be willing to risk her heart... again.

Nancy Radke - “Zsuzsa's Christmas Wish”: She asks Santa for a strong man to help corral a mule that won't stay home, and is given a rancher who plans to corral her.

Carmen DeSousa - “Chicago Hope”: Aspiring journalist Maura Hall dreams of changing the world, but she'll settle for Chicago.

Unforgettable Deceptions:<br />Heartbreak and Revenge<br />(Unforgettables Book 19)

Unforgettable Deceptions:
Heartbreak and Revenge
(Unforgettables Book 19)

Released On: October 20, 2020

Contains 7 Books Including:

"No Good Deed"

Seven NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors invite you into a world of thrills, chills, and kills that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Unique plots and constant conflicts fill this delightful set with Unforgettable Deceptions of Heartbreak and Revenge.

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Rebecca York - “Intimate Assignment”: One misstep means death.

Cynthia Cooke - “Shiver”: Some call her dreams a gift; she calls them a curse.

Traci Hall - “Returning Home by the Sea”: Brayden and Zoe wed before he went to Iraq. A lot has changed in the six years he's been away. Will their love survive his homecoming?

Taylor Lee - “Betrayed”: The rising-star, political-hotshot wants to bask in Detective Viviana Moreau's expertise and her media aura. Not incidentally, he wants her!

Jacquie Biggar - “Virtually Gone”: Investigative reporter Julie Crenshaw stumbles upon the case of a lifetime - one that could cost her everything.

Susanne Matthews - “No Good Deed”: Monsters are real and Alexa knows what you see doesn't always tell the story.

Mimi Barbour - “Justice”: Cassi uses deception to get her revenge against her brother's killers.

Invincible Diversity:<br />Invincible Women's Fiction<br />Book 4

Invincible Diversity:
Invincible Women's Fiction
Book 4

Released On: October 6, 2020

Contains 8 Books Including:

"Same Time Next Year"

A Premier Collection of Eight Exceptional Stories, Four Brand-New, From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors.

Eight unique and unusual love stories that tackle the tough issues we face every day - racial acceptance, differing religious views, sexuality, family and social values, and so much more.

But whatever struggle they face, whether it's alone or aided by friends and family, they're each INVINCIBLE in their diversity, staying strong and pushing through.

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Mona Risk - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Secret Kisses” (NEW): Three friends have the misfortune of falling in love with men of different religions - an unforgivable sin in their conservative families. Will tradition tear the lovers apart?

Jen Talty - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Color Me Lucky” (NEW): Will Navy be able to come to terms with what being in a committed relationship really means, or will he go back to his lonely existence, only reading about true love in books.

Susan Jean Ricci - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “On All Fours” (NEW): Being raised in a dysfunctional family with a special needs sibling and abusive dad either makes or breaks the human spirit - especially decades ago with no social intervention.

Dani Haviland - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Heaven and Heartbreak” (NEW): Sharing her child with a gay father was the easy part. Finding a woman for herself seemed impossible.

Natalie Ann - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “All My Love”: A secret past will be discovered but rather than feeling more alone, Jordyn finds the one thing she's been looking for her entire life.

Susanne Matthews - (International Bestselling Author) “Same Time Next Year”: For three short weeks, Twyla Lancaster was the fairy tale princess who'd found her prince, but fate ripped them apart. Now, fifty years later, she needs to know why.

Taylor Lee - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Struck by Thunder”: 1890: In a world marked by corruption, prejudice and hate, Lei Chang is determined to be the first woman kung fu master in the country. Little does she know that the grandmaster, everyone's hero, is as accomplished a lover as he is a warrior.

Suzanne Jenkins - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Alice's Summertime Adventure”: After a lifetime of motherhood, Alice finally finds the adventure and the love she's been missing.

Book Bites 13:<br />Dear Santa Sampler

Book Bites 13:
Dear Santa Sampler

Released On: September 30, 2020

Contains 18 Books Including:

"What Dottie Wants"

Sample the Bundle Dear Santa: A Christmas Wish FOR FREE

Contains the first chapter of all of the books.

Sweet and Sassy Summer:<br />Volume 2

Sweet and Sassy Summer:
Volume 2

Released On: August 12, 2020

Contains 7 Books Including:

"Wedding Bell Blues"

SEVEN SWEET AND SASSY STORIES of SUMMER From International USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors.

Days filled with lemon yellow sunshine, nights of velvety warmth… summertime is the season of love. Romantic tales filled with memorable characters, these nine binge-worthy books will sweep you away like a summer breeze.

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Alyssa Bailey - (USA Today Bestselling Author): When city ideals meet country tradition, the summer heat is the least of their worries.

Susanne Matthews - (International Bestselling Author): The wedding may be canceled, but the honeymoon's on!

Josie Riviera - (USA Today Bestselling Author): He's all business. She loves to laugh. When business conflicts with pleasure, what could possibly go wrong?

Denise Devine - (USA Today Bestselling Author): When Lisa's life crashes, she returns to Enchanted Island. Is true love waiting in this idyllic place from her childhood?

Aileen Fish - (USA Today Bestselling Author): Will Always Hopeful find her Sir Galahad?

Taylor Lee - (USA Today Bestselling Author): An arrogant, go-it-alone homicide detective and a quirky intelligence analyst team up to solve a murder during the Summer Solstice Celebration.

Katy Walters - (USA Today Bestselling Author): Could he protect her, would she continue refusing him? Little does he realize the height of passion, or the depth of terror that lay before them.

Unforgettable Sweethearts:<br />Unforgettable Lovers<br />(Unforgettables Book 18)

Unforgettable Sweethearts:
Unforgettable Lovers
(Unforgettables Book 18)

Released On: August 7, 2020

Contains 9 Books Including:

"The Captain's Promise"

When two people are attracted to each other, it doesn’t end there...

A commitment lit by a spark of interest can spread to a wildfire of passion, devotion to spending a life together, the desire to cherish their love forever.

Nine Award-winning, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling authors invite you to engage in their bounty of Happy Ever Afters, a box set of romance so filled with oohs, ahs, and a sniffle or two that you'll want to read it over and over again.

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Mimi Barbour - (NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “The Surrogate's Secret”: Can she give up her babies for the man she loves?

Stacy Eaton - “Unexpected Trouble” (NEW): Running into his trouble-making high school sweetheart, Maggie, was the last thing Gregory excepted.

Leanne Banks - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Indispensable Sweetheart”: An unexpected night of passion between the millionaire and his assistant brings a surprise pregnancy. Will the CEO finally see that she is his Indispensable Sweetheart?

Rebecca York - (NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Wyatt”: Will gypsies thwart a murder conviction and douse the smoldering passion between lost and found again lovers?

Patrice Wilton - (NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Hooked On You”: Will a playboy fishing boat captain be able to convince a strong, determined, and wary woman that he is ready to be caught?

Josie Riviera - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Aloha To Love”: A screenwriter on the edge of success. A scientist who's a stickler for detail. Their chemistry could erupt into something special ... or go up in smoke.

Susanne Matthews - (Award-winning, Best-selling Author) “The Captain's Promise”: The woman he loves is in danger. He'll risk anything to save her - his family, his crew, his ship, and his mission.

Nancy Radke - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “The Bravest Woman in Town”: He's a spy, she's a smuggler. Can love grow while they evade the army searching for them? A Civil War romance.

Dani Haviland - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Big Mac”: Fate and science said they should never have met but after that first touch, he knew he'd stay with her forever. Would the sudden appearance of the father he never knew be their doom - and the start of a pandemic?

Fortune's Favor:<br />The Treasure

Fortune's Favor:
The Treasure

Released On: July 24, 2020

Contains 5 Books Including:

"The Blue Dragon"

Fortune favors the Bold, and bold women and men through the centuries have sought Fortune's Favor in Life and Love.

A quest, hidden treasure, inheritance, Spanish Gold, and missing jewels inspire five riveting action adventure tales of women and men seeking redemption and rewards, searching for legacies, revealing secrets, finding romance, falling in love and winning that happily-ever-after that make all the challenges they must overcome worthwhile.

For the best Kindle Beach Read 2020, go treasure hunting with five NY Times, USA Today Bestselling, and Award-winning Authors as they seek Fortune’s Favor: The Treasure.

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Joan Reeves - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author): reveals a story of betrayal, conspiracy, and a Quest for hidden treasure in an enemies-to-lovers story. 'Kristina's father never gave her anything but a hard time—until he died and left her a key. But what does the key unlock?'

Mona Risk - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author): weaves a story of hidden treasure, and romantic suspense set in France. 'Are his statue and chateau worth endangering the life of the impetuous young woman who's turned his life upside down?'

Tamara Ferguson - (USA Today Bestselling Author): delights with a small town romance where opposites attract, underscored by romantic suspense and an inheritance. 'When a century-old family feud brings a librarian and historian together, a devious kiss of seduction reveals that fate might have other plans in store for them. Have they already discovered the missing treasure?'

Nancy Radke - (USA Today Bestselling Author): thrills with a western romance set in post-Civil War Texas, starring a larger than life hero and fiery heroine, and the search for a fortune in Spanish gold. 'In 1866, Cole Trahern is crossing Texas when he encounters a sandstorm, a dying man, a Spanish girl with a Kentucky rifle, a jealous suitor, a controlling grandfather, and a huge amount of Spanish gold. Can he get the woman and the gold?'

Susanne Matthews - (Award-winning Author): inspires us with the story of lovers reunited and embarking on a search for missing jewels and perhaps a second chance at love. 'Broken, alone, her dreams shattered, Samantha looks to a dismal future until Phil steps back into her life.'

Passionate Protectors:<br />How Love & Danger Combust<br />(Protect & Desire Book 3)

Passionate Protectors:
How Love & Danger Combust
(Protect & Desire Book 3)

Released On: July 22, 2020

Contains 6 Books Including:

"Sworn to Protect"


When danger abounds, passionate protectors rush to the frontline to shield and defend. Homicide detectives, US marshals, and secret agents chase the guilty, thwart attacks, and endanger themselves with a zeal to protect. When love ignites and emotions run hot, these men and women put it all on the line. From New York to Chicago, Bangkok to a remote lake in Minnesota, nonstop adventure and steam sizzle when romance and suspense combust.

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Patricia Rosemoor - (NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Obsession”: A driven female cop teams up with an irresistible ex-con to bring a killer to justice. Can they stop the sexual predator before he strikes again?

Rachelle Ayala - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Triggered by Love”: After her firefighter fiance is shot, all Avery Cockburn has between her shattered heart and death is the cocky - and very determined - detective, Jason Burnett.

Denise Devine - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Small Town Girl”: Annika must make a choice: Stay and break her best friend's heart or leave 'him' behind. Someone must lose - will it ultimately be her?

Susanne Matthews - (Award-winning Bestselling Author) “Sworn to Protect”: A secret is locked in Nancy's mind. Can Neil protect his estranged wife from someone determined to silence her forever?

Taylor Lee - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “The Bangkok Affair”: Going undercover in a high-end Bangkok brothel brings a feisty redhead face to face with a villain as charming as he is evil. Fortunately, her bad-ass lover doesn't take a back seat to anyone. Sparks fly both inside and outside of the bedroom!

Stacy Eaton - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Second Shield”: Together they will uncover the evil from within and try to deny the passions that rage between them.

Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts

Released On: June 19, 2020

Contains 16 Books Including:

"Tequila Sunrise"

From sweet to spicy, and contemporary to suspenseful, these sixteen Summer Short Stories will be sure to warm your heart and excite your spirit, helping you escape reality in a blaze of fun, drama, and romance.

Sixteen popular NY Times & USA Today Bestselling authors have put together these delightful novellas to give you that spurt of entertainment you can often finish in one sitting. These Summertime stories will delight the romance lover until the sun sets in a blaze of glory.

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Mimi Barbour - (USA Today and NY Times Best Selling Author) “Her Hero” (NEW): Her puppy will drown if the stranger can't save her!

Melinda De Ross - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Summer Neighbors” (NEW): A summer vacation, an inherited house, a sexy neighbor. Should be the formula for the perfect summer…Right?

J. L. Saint - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “What Didn't Happen in Vegas”: What didn't happen in Vegas could cost Eric and Holly everything.

Cynthia Cooke - “All I Want Is You” (NEW): He will not lose - the deal or his heart.

Angela Stevens - (Amazon International Bestselling Author) “Catching Robert” (NEW): When the adorable Maggie orders a chocolate sundae from Robert Chase, the ice cream is not the only thing to melt.

Susanne Matthews - (Award Winning Author) “Tequila Sunrise” (NEW): The peppers in Mexico aren't the only things too hot to handle.

Josie Riviera - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “A Chocolate-Box Summer Breeze” (NEW): Will Emily and Joe be able to find their happily-ever-after in a forgotten summer breeze?

Katy Walters - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “The Billionaire and the Librarian” (NEW): Would this unreasonable match be spectacular or a dud?

Nancy Radke - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “The Stubbornest Girl in the Valley”: Stubborn ladies hang onto the men they love.

Susan Jean Ricci - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Row with Me” (NEW): Learning a new sport isn't easy when the couple involved have questionable skills in kayaking and relationships.

Dani Haviland - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Kidnapped!” (NEW): He'd get her back…at any cost.

Rebecca York - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Hot and Dangerous”: Summer Idyll turns to terror.

Rachelle Ayala - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Bad Boys for Hire: Roni” (NEW): Roni ordered hits for the cartel, but can she kill the disabled firefighter whose ex hires her?

Aileen Fish - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Marni”: Can a cowboy and a librarian turn a week's vacation into the love of a lifetime?

Stacy Eaton - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Finding Love on the Summer Surf” (NEW): Will a magical weekend of memories drift away with the ocean waves?

Taylor Lee - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Heatstroke” (NEW): Would the Native American doctor allow any man to make her believe she deserved love? Especially him?

Unforgettable Surrender:<br />Desire and Deception<br />(The Unforgettables Book 17)

Unforgettable Surrender:
Desire and Deception
(The Unforgettables Book 17)

Released On: June 12, 2020

Contains 8 Books Including:

"In Plain Site"

Desire and Deception – and Unforgettable Surrender

At times, we are deceived by desires that can override our common sense. If we’re lucky, a hero comes along who saves us not only from ourselves but from those who would hurt us or take away our freedom. These special folks should be honored…and written about. In this collection, we have done just that. Immerse yourself in the love and passion in these stories put together by eight NY Times and USA Today Bestsellers who’ve penned these EIGHT incredible romances about surrendering to our heroes.

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Mimi Barbour - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Special Agent Sophia” (NEW): She can go to Greece and rescue the governor's twins, but can she save a young girl from dangerous traffickers?

Patricia Rosemoor - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Justice”: Reine Kendrick convinces selfish Cash Abreu to help save his half-brother from a kidnapper only to learn that Cash has been living a heart-breaking deception.

Rebecca York - (New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author) “Trapped”: Are his memories real--or fake news?

Susanne Matthews - (Bestselling Author) “In Plain Sight”: In life you pay a price for everything you do, but can Misty afford to trust her life and her daughter's to a blind man?

Jennifer Saints - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Cocktail Cove”: When life shakes you up and pours you over the rocks. A socialite hiding from the mob meets a man hiding from life.

Angela Stevens - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “See No Evil” (NEW): When an ex-gang member, turned informant, falls in love with a missing woman's sassy English roommate, Joel carpenter's blurred moral code leads to the ultimate betrayal.

Taylor Lee - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Diamond: Ladies of the Night”: The Ladies are covert agents in a highly secret, off the grid security organization. Highly trained fighters, they're as gorgeous as they are dangerous. The only thing these formidable women are NOT is 'ladies.'

Katy Walters - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “The Lost Chord”: A demented serial killer searching for the perfect voice. Horror awaits those young singers who fail to meet his demands.

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

Released On: January 21, 2020

Contains 7 Books Including:

"Just for the Weekend"

Come explore the Lifestyles of the rich, famous, royal, and glamorous!

This Sensational Collection of SEVEN contemporary romances includes three never before released stories from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling award-winning authors.
Drop in on the socialite as she fraternizes with her bodyguard,
Join the kindergarten teacher as she dances for a prince,
Rub elbows and more with sexy billionaires,
Discover what happens with cosplay mistaken identity,
Fall in love with a Hollywood heartthrob,
and so much more!

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Michele Hauf - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Something Wild” (NEW): A wild child socialite's fantasies about her sexy bodyguard become reality, but will their affair compromise his ability to protect her?

Mona Risk - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “A Dance For Prince Eric” (NEW): A ballerina with a promising career on the run for her brother's sake. A charismatic prince who saved them both, but never speaks of commitment.

Dani Haviland - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Diamonds Aren't For Everyone” (NEW): Money, jewels, and good looks don't mean anything to the lonely beauty who just wants a companion. Will she spurn him just because he does 'have it all'?

Leanne Banks - (NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author) “Billionaire Extraordinaire”: Billionaire Damien Medici plans to avenge his family by seducing privileged information from his new assistant Emma Weatherfield. But can he romance Emma without falling for her himself?

Jen Talty - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Color Me Yours”: Hawk Jefferson never anticipated he'd fall in love, much less want to settle down and give his parents the grandchild they've always wanted. Only, getting Kennedy Monroe on board with that plan seems to be harder than anticipated.

Melinda De Ross - (USA Today Bestselling Author) “Celebrity”: The Journey of a young writer who trades her simple existence in Chicago for the glamorous Hollywood life, full of luxury and scandal.

Susanne Matthews - (Amazon Bestselling Author) “Just For The Weekend”: When a Kindergarten teacher decides to play dress-up in Vegas, she gets far more than she bargained for.

Unforgettable Temptations:<br />Attraction and Surrender<br />(The Unforgettables Book 15)

Unforgettable Temptations:
Attraction and Surrender
(The Unforgettables Book 15)

Released On: December 30, 2019

Contains 9 Books Including:

"On His Watch"

NINE romantic suspense stories by award-winning authors, tales so hot you'll want to bring a fan!

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Mimi Barbour - “Special Agent Murphy”: It's Christmas in Washington, but not for one heartsick family.

Taylor Lee - “Forbidden”: He'd betrayed her. Why couldn't she hate him?

Melinda De Ross - “The Diary”: A love story is born on a background of fierce history in the castle of Countess Dracula.

Nancy Radke - “Terminal Pursuit”: As the net tightens, who can they trust with their lives?

Stephanie Queen - “Ace Under Fire”: Can this bad boy has-been make a comeback to save an old flame?

Jen Talty - “Murder in Paradise”: Doug could trust her with his life, but could he fully give her his heart?

Stacy Eaton - “Liveon - No Evil”: Can she protect him without getting her heart involved?

Suzanne Jenkins - “Apollo's Other Daughter”: Overcoming outside forces, family secrets, and a double homicide bind Joe and Gaia together when she discovers evidence the detectives didn't see.

Susanne Matthews - “On His Watch”: You can't outrun the past.